Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life is still full of good news

The fantastic stuff just keeps on happening. The latest for April is the appearance of Stephanie's first school report that came in the mail last week. The general comments read:
"Stephanie is a cheerful, polite, chatty and friendly girl who has settled into kindergarten routines well."
It goes on to desribe what she does with crafts, puzzles and cooking. There's also a picture of her included in the report and everything that is listed in the Learning Outcomes is very, very positive.
I'm so pleased the pre-school has done this, I didn't know they did, and to receive such positive feedback about her has brightened up everything! (especially given my concerns about her previous environment)
Uni continues to be 'the best'. I'm totally loving all my subjects, even Politics! Would never have thought that possible. Getting to know some really nice people too.
Halfway through Lifeline Counselling training, that is going well too.
My social life is perfect too.
I love being single. Have no idea if that will ever change, it's just not on the agenda.
Everything is going well, what more can I say? It doesn't get much better than this.