Friday, March 21, 2008

Some more Jewellery

Here's some more jewellery that has sold very quickly. I've been experimenting with beading.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lynn, the blue one turned out gorgeous... and how can I not love the other one with those colours :) I am glad you are having so much success with them !!

Yvette (cant be bothered signing in properly, lol)

Lee said...

This looks like a fab hobby, come money maker Lynn!,You have a talent for this, they are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Lynn -

I think I have a new friend in you. Met you over at Kathy K's.

Thank you so much for your friendship, and I believe somehow, we are living the same life, only yours is slightly ahead of mine.

Your jewelry is beautiful. I too, collect sea glass.

It is really wierd - I was the anonymous poster at 11:48 a.m. I hadn't signed my name.

If you'd like a new friend, let me know. I am not a blogger, not sure how this even works. ;o)


Anonymous said...

wow lynn these are great

karen haywood

Ohh by the way I'm about to be a published scrapbooker