Sunday, February 15, 2009

New School

Well, I've had a whisper in my ear that it's about time I updated my blog. The biggest news is Stephanie starting school, of course. She just loves it! Her teacher is now called Mrs Ritchie and she's Stephanie's idol. She's so keen that she gets herself ready and demands breakfast (boy, is that a new one for me!) and is no trouble at all to get ready. The compulsory blister on her heel with her new school shoes, they have to wear lace-ups, being the only minor downside. For the first week she finished at 12.45pm, of which by Friday, there were a few grumbles from the littlies about wanting to stay longer, for this past week they finished at 2pm and this coming week will be the normal finishing time. I'm really impressed with how she's been handling herself, and we're already through about 6 books from the library. There's so many rules and instructions though, I think she remembers them all better than I do, I can tell ya, I'm struggling with it all. The real upside to her going to school is that she's eating more (surprise!) and is easier to get into bed at night, with her being fast asleep within seconds of lights-out (no surprises there!). Here's some pics on her first day.

I've been busy with more seaglass collecting which has extended an interest into bottles and old glass making. I've identified 2 very old glass utility jars that I estimate date from the 1850's - 1890's, as well as big beautiful blue jug. I also now have a nice collection of small ink wells, some black glass bottles, again from about 1860 - 1890, including a Woodroofe's bottle which is a South Australian Company no longer in business (no surprises there). So with that, some flower collecting and drying to make up some pot pourri for ebay which has had some reasonable success, I've been very busy.

Lifeline is still going great guns and I love doing my shift.

Deeply saddened by the fires and subsequent loss of life in Victoria. I've tried not to read too much about it, as this type of thing can make me cry and I feel very sad and upset for some time.

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