Monday, October 15, 2007

Life as usual

Today I had an appointment with a big counselling agency and spoke with their Regional Manager for my area and their newly appointed Abuse Initiative co-ordinator. The purpose of the meeting was to help them highlight where their counselling services can be better in regards to couples who's relationship is abusive, in particular to help the abused (usually the woman) have counselling that is safe, and also how to deal with the abusers mindset in intimate relationships. The community in general believe it's an anger control problem, or the abused somehow did something to aggravate the verbal or physical abuse, but this is not true and I think that my meeting with the nationwide agency can put into practice some of the things we talked about. It was very empowering to do that.

The University admissions people also rang me today about my submission to SATAC for more information. I have my fingers crossed that I will be accepted into University next year to do Social Work and Social Planning, a double degree which is 4 years full-time. I'll find out in January if I'm successful.

A parcel from Tarisota collections arrived today, but I've not opened it yet, and I've just placed an order with Cyber Scraps for the Fancy Pants True and Botanicals paper and rub-on ranges. It's the first time I've bought new supplies for eons! Been trying to use up my current supplies.

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fiona Leehane said...

Hi was nice to hear from you:) visiting my un-updated blog...LOL
Man, little miss Stephaine sure has grown! such a pretty girl:)
oh, good luck with the Uni thing!