Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm 4 today!

Stephanie is 4 today! It's amazing how the time has flown. We had a great party yesterday, with several friends around and everyone had a really good time. Stephanie got lots of presents including a new bike with training wheels, a Doctors Crash Cart Kit and puppy and vet kit, My LIttle Pony musical jewellery box, Bratz Angel doll, My Pet Shop Puppy and a gardening set. She was really over the moon.

The photo is of her in the 3legged race with Jack and a couple at the blowing of the candles ceremony. I was so proud of the way she looked when we were all singing happy birthday as last year she went all coy and hid behind her hands and started to get really embarrassed, but not yesterday, she was a gorgeous charming little lady preening in all the attention of her special day.

{sigh} They grow up too quickly.

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Lea Adcock said...

Wow love the dress. She looks beautiful and growing up fast.