Monday, January 21, 2008

It's University for me!

It's official, I've been given a main round offer for enrolling into Flinders University. I've applied for a double degree 4 year programme of Socal Work and Social Planning. I plan to attend full-time but I'll have to see how that works with Stephanie etc. She'll be needing to go do day care a bit more often, but I don't think that will be a problem as the day care do a pre-school 'run' twice per day to drop the kids off and pick them up again. So that means she'll be going to pre-school with the same friends she attends day care with. I think she'll be ok.

It's just me and Stephanie on our own now. I've separated from David and while we still have some details to sort out all seems to be going well, which is good.

I'm excited about University, I hope my grey matter isn't too 'matured' in that it will forget how to retain information, but it's a new career change for me and the future looks pretty good.


Lee said...

So happy to hear you got into university Lynn, and things are getting sorted on the home front also. Hope you and Stephanie are well, take care.

Kerry Lloyd said...

Lynn it's wonderful to hear that life is so much brighter for you and Stephanie. Good luck with your studies and Lifeline training.

Anonymous said...

wow you got in thats awersome news

way to go

good luck on your new life style

karen Haywood