Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's all go, go, go!

Everything is happening! It's all positive.

Stephanie started pre-school and she loves her 'kindergarten' as she likes to call it. I think her first day was a bit un-nerving for her, not knowing what was going to happen because on her first day she had to go to day care and they do a 'kindy run'. It's a great system, they walk the kids up through the back gate, through the primary oval and in through the back gate of the pre-school. So she had to do that on her first day and she told me later she was a bit scared. But after that, well, it's a breeze now! She goes for 2.5 hours 4 days per week.

I'm all enrolled and registered for lectures and tuts at Uni. Got my ID card and also bought my books too! The elective (Psychology) subject had over $150 in books alone, good job the other topics I've chosen aren't all expensive books. That starts on March 3rd.

I'm also fully registered to begin Lifeline training on Feb 11th.

So it's all go, go, go and go some more. The future's so bright I gotta wear


Mistra said...

Lynn, it's wonderful to hear everything is coming up roses for you. I hope your new direction holds all you hope and ream, I have a feeling it will!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Good to read all is well with you and I wish you all the best for your future and stephanies. good luck with the study.

Anonymous said...

wow your blog is full of good news

way to go

look out 2008 here comes Lynn and SK full stream ahead

SK must be growing up now at school wow

Karen Haywood