Monday, July 16, 2007

Mums new Boots

My daughter can hardly resist putting my new boots on at any opportunity she can.

With her new shirt on for the first time today, she was happy to pose for the camera.


Sharai said...

Oh you're so cute SK in Mummy's boots.

L xo

Lee said...

Lovely boots!,SK is looking as gorgeous as ever. welcome to the world of blogging Lynn.

missdidzi said...

Love your new shirt Stephanie, Annabel & Holly would love all the pretties on the front.
Nice boots LC.

Vicki said...

Ohhhh.... she is looking like a big girl!! That top is just lovely. Perfect for a gorgeous girl. :):)

kerry said...

Hi Lynn,

Good to see you in the land of the blogging.Steph is really starting to ham it up.

KarenB said...

SK is looking so grown up!!

Love those boots, btw :)