Monday, July 23, 2007

Fifi Mad

Our house is totally overrun with Fifi this and Fifi that. There's Violet, Primrose and Bumble and I believe Stingo and Slugsy will be joining us soon.

I bought Stephanie Issue 2 of the Fifi Magnetic Playworld as I liked the big portfolio type bag you got for $9.95. I was so impressed with the magazine and the colouring in and activity book as well that I got Issue 3.

Of course, it wasn't complete without Issue 1 so with a few phone calls I located a newsagency that one left. Off we went, in the Search and Rescu for Fifi.

When the lady behind the counter pulled out the Fifi package, Stephanie squealed and jumped for joy and it was the best $4.95 I've spent to date. Everyone in the newsagency smiled to themselves. There's nothing more contagious than a small child's shriek of delight.

Since then it's Fifi all over the place. The packages are pretty good value for money. You get a double sided magnetic Fifi scene and each packet contains some Fifi character magnets and the magazine has things like Fifi's jam tart recipes etc., Great for kids. The big portfolio bag keeps the lot bundled together, although we've already misplaced Fifi's magnetic watering can.

If you're intersted all the information you need can be found at

Happy Fifiying...

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Lee said...

lol Lynn, Fifi does live in the Forget-Me-Not cottage, so I am sure she will be around for sometime to come. Glad Stephanie is excited by it all, its great when your kids are are happy.