Friday, July 20, 2007

What I'm reading

For the past 2 weeks I have immersed myself in the books of Dave Pelzer and one by his brother, Richard Pelzer.

Dave Pelzer is a survivor of one of the worst cases of child abuse in California during the 1970's. Since being rescued he has achieved amazing things. Stuff that you could never expect from someone who was treated so poorly. It's truly an inspiration to read his books.

His first. A Boy Called 'It', written from the child's perspective did not make me cry or upset to read like I thought it would. It's very easy to read and I finished it within a day. The second book, The Lost Boy, was just as rivetting and easy to read.

I'm 2/3rds of the way through, A Man Named Dave and am finding this one a bit of a tissue jobbie. Probably because of the adult style it's written in. I don't think it's about the recounting of his abuse that is the upsetting parts, but rather, the way the author allows the legacy of his childhood to show through to his adult life.

It is with great compassion that he can allow himself to forgive his father, and then finally his mother.

I really must say these books are a tremendous read and if anyone thinks that bad things happened in their childhood that hold them back or follow into their adulthood then these books are a must, because if Dave Pelzer can achieve all that he has with what was done to him as a child, then I can say with all confidence that our experiences are no excuse.

Angus and Robertson have the Dave Pelzer trilogy pack for $29.95.

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